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So....concert has come and gone, this time, Dir en grey took me to Chicago~ Haven't been here in ages, totally don't recognize anything except for like the shopping district, and thats only because it's sorta laid out like NYC is. Well...actually it's not even close to the same,but it sorta feels like shopping in NY. whatevers.

I have no idea of a true set list, but the truly stunning thing was they played Mazohyst. FUCKING MAZOHYST. Still can't believe it. Kyo was playing with his mic like it was a baybayXD There was this sort of acapella before it, so I totally thought they were fucking with me when the backround music turned into Mazohyst's beginning strains. BUT IT WAS FUCKING MAZOHYST. aweofaofuna, tuned lower, and moar metal roars, that song is just fucking creepy as shit. SO amazing.The entire night, I just could not look away from Kyo. Like, I intentionally moved so that I would pretty much be right in front of Tosh so I could pay him the homage he deserves as I've pretty much only ever stayed on Die's side, but I could not take my eyes off that wriggling mass of insanity. They started with Hageshisa to I think and then there was Obscure, and then I have no real idea as they fucked my brains out. They were so incredibly active tonight, one and all. Ususally there's one of them thats sorta pissy but damn. I really wish I'd been in front of Die, he was so full of energyXD but then again, so was ToshXD and in his adorable man kilt. I love that damn kilt.

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rofl. Oh GirugameshXD

Satoshi: I'm Satoshi I’ll start! A secret…
ShuU: (in English) "I am gay."
(Everyone bursts out laughing)
Satoshi: If that was true…wow! That would be amazing!
(Everyone laughs again)
Satoshi: Last night, I had steak for dinner. And then this morning, I had steak for breakfast, too. I love eating steak. (laughs)
Яyo: Ryo here. A secret… hmm…
Nii: (whispers) Tell them about the toilet! (all burst out laughing)
Satoshi: And how you left eight dollars!
ShuU: Yeah, that! (all laugh)
Яyo: About the toilet…my toilet got backed up in the hotel room. You can imagine how that happened.
(ShuU, Satoshi and Nii cover their mouths, trying to hold in their laughter)
Яyo: So I wrote a letter saying "please fix the toilet" and left a big eight dollar tip for the hotel staff so that they would fix the toilet.
(Everyone bursts out laughing)
ShuU: I'm Shuu, the bassist. First of all, let me start off with: I have one hundred children.
(Everyone laughs)
ShuU: (pauses and thinks for a moment, everyone laughs again) I promise that I’ll tie that into something! (laughs) I went to Okinawa on a trip and a Chinese person came up to me thinking I was Chinese and asked me directions, so I tried very hard with my limited English to help. (in English) “Straight, right,” and I was feeling good about helping when all of a sudden an American came up! (in English) “May I help you?” and helped way better and kind of shut me out! (laughs) I felt embarrassed even though I was doing a good thing.

And the one hundred children?

ShuU: …it’s a joke! (laughs)
Nii: I'm the guitarist, Nii. In Europe, I drank about three liters of beer and I got really drunk and I was in the toilet for about an hour. I don’t remember any of it but someone took a video of that and put the footage on an Easter egg on a DVD. (laughs)

With the darker lyrics of this song(Myouja no Koushin), which talk about corruption and politics, why did you choose this specific speech insert(speech from Stalin)? Was there a specific meaning behind this song?

(Яyo and Satoshi start laughing)
ShuU: I think we made everyone have high expectations that there would be a great reason why we did that but…we just thought it sounded cool.
girugamesh: (all nod and laugh)
Satoshi: (in English) Sorry! (laughs